Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch


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Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch
hemp pain relief patches
Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch
Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch
Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch
Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch

One Month Pure Hemp Patches - 30 120mg Patches


With our low heat and low pressure CO2 extraction we are able to create a hemp oil rich with terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. With our proprietary infusion process we are able to place the dry equivalent weight of an amazing 120mg hemp oil onto each patch.

The oil we use in each topical hemp patch is derived from hemp plants grown in the famed "banana belt" region in Oregon and is pesticide and residue free.

You will notice no side effects with the usage of our topical hemp patch. We infuse the very best PURE Hemp OIL which does not include THC.


      Simple, convenient, and effective. 8-12 hour of delivery. All-natural & free of pesticides. 3600MG Hemp Oil.                  

      (All ingredient dosages represent the dry equivalent weight of the corresponding ingredient on the package. The patch can only sustain a weight of 80 milligrams. Our proprietary process reduces the weight, but not the potency)

      *(These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease)


      Pure Hemp Patch was designed to be very easy to use. Place the patch on an area of skin with little or no hair. We recommend a place such as the shoulders, back, or hips. Do not use any cream or lotion in the area as that can interfere with the patch. Its best to place the pure hemp patch on after showering in the morning and leaving it there for 8-12 hours. 

      The patches can easily be cut or you can add parts of a patch for custom dosing. 


      A Pure Hemp Patch contains the dry equivalent weight of 120 mg of phytocannibinoid and terpene rich hemp oil. We are able to infuse this dry equivalent weight while maintaining the full potency. 


      We have made sure our pure hemp patches are hypoallergenic but if redness or rash develops discontinue use. Please consult with a physician if pregnant, nursing, or on medications. This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18.

      Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch
      hemp pain relief patches
      Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch
      Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch
      Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch
      Pure Hemp - 30 Patches - 120mg per patch

      120mg Pure Hemp Patch From Nano 101

      Experience the power of botanical hemp oil with our NEW 120mg topical patches!

      A wide variety of therapeutic benefits.

      Cold pressed hemp oil derived from pesticide free plants.

      Continuous 8-12 hour delivery of 120mg hemp oil.

      Get 3600mg (30 patches) for only $225.00!

      Get FREE SHIPPING on your order today!


      A Variety of Therapeutic Benefits

      Our hemp patches can provide a wide variety of benefits. They have THC free hemp oil and therefore have no psychoactive effects. Hemp oil MAY be helpful in reducing anxiety, reliving stress, improving sleep, and alleviating pain symptoms.


      Pure Hemp Patch provides continuous hemp oil delivery to your body over 8-12 hours.

      All-natural botanical hemp oil free of pesticides infused in each patch!

      Manufactured in a certified GMP facility

      More effective than hemp drops, powders, pills, or edibles

      Simply return within 30 days if not satisfied


      Carefully peel the patch away without applying too much pressure with your thumb.

      Put the patch on an area with little or no hair (ex. shoulders, upper arm, etc).

      Enjoy a stress free day with Pure Hemp Patch!

      Say Hello to the Healthiest You!


      Our hemp patches are simple, easy, and convenient as you can pretty much go anywhere with them on discreetly. It releases hemp oil slowly over a very long time period.
      Get Consistent, All Day-Relief with our Pure Hemp Patch!

      Did you know that most of the hemp in oral based products such as edibles and gummies are never fully abosrbed by the time they pass through the GI system.

      With our new UPGRADED Nano 101 120mg Pure Hemp Patch you may:

      Get more effective delivery of hemp oil right through your skin.

      Avoid the inconvenience of having to take a supplement multiple times throughout the day.

      Avoid having to take strange tasting possibly psychoactive products.

      Have 8 to 12 hours continious delivery of terpene and phytocannibinoid rich hemp oil.

      Enjoy the benefits of hemp oil the whole month with the Pure Hemp Patch 3600mg 30 Patch Pack ORDER NOW & get FREE SHIPPING!


      At Nano 101 our mission has always been to develop the most advanced and effective hemp based topical patches.


      “Amazing Product. If you want to relax and reduce anxiety and muscle pain, this is the way to go. I will buy again.”

      Sal Aziz


      Satisfaction is guaranteed


      Nano 101 has spent over a decade researching and creating our different hemp topical patches. From the beginning we have made sure to grow and use only the highest quality hemp plants grown in all natural non-toxic environments. Our hemp topical patches offer the most effective delivery available. We have such confidence in our product lines that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.